Goal Diggers Program

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  • Do you find yourself wanting to improve your life, but just can’t get past the step of having a goal in mind to actually taking action?
  • Does it seem hard to achieve your most-desired goals?
  • Do you feel that there’s a chance that you may not be realistic with your goal setting?
  • Do you need some guidance on how to discern between what should be a long-term vs. a short-term goal or guidance on how to figure out if a desire should be a goal at all?
  • Do you need an accountability partner that will hold you to your vision?

This program is designed for individuals who have goals in mind but need more direct focus on manifesting their desires. Research has shown that people who have an accountability partner or work in a group are able to achieve their goals quicker as compared to those who go for it on their own. 

This is a group coaching program where each participant is part of an empowering and inspiration network of goal diggers! Together, members of the empowerment group will serve as an encouragement and extended accountability system for one another.

In this program, I will be providing intentional, consistent support to this empowerment circle by coaching you through the process of setting a goal, designing strategies in working towards the goal, and putting actions into practice to achieve those goals

Affirmations from group members lift our spirits.

Accountability drives us forward.

Girl, are you READY to Get YOUR GOAL ON?


Program Perks4

  • You are consistently putting off your goals to focus on other things or projects
  • You’re looking to get more aligned with your goals
  • You’ve got the vision, but are having a hard time following through
  • You feel like you may be headed on the right path but need accountability by a professional coach and empowerment group
  • You believe that you are taking too long to manifest your greatest desires
  • You’re looking to build upon initiative and move toward action

Program Perks 5

  • You’ll learn how to use goals to help shape your life into the life you’ve always imagined
  • You’ll learn how to use goals to push past fear and create space for results and success
  • You’ll learn how to incorporate affirmations as tools to manifest your goals and towards making your dreams come true
  • You’ll learn how to use gratitude to get you closer to reaching your goals
  • You’ll learn how to use and  master the law of attraction to reach your desired goals
  • You’ll learn the industry inspired best practices for personal and professional success

Program Format (3)

  • 2 monthly group webinars (1.5-2 hours October-January) where we learn specific tools and resources to focus on manifesting your desired goals and achievements.
  • 1 monthly One on One 1-hour coaching with me- We’ll work on things that are tailored to your specific personal development (A total of 4 coaching calls)
  • Personalized homework and #SquadGoals group challenges from webinars and individual coaching calls

Program PerksYour investment includes

  • Step by step modules designed to support the manifestation of your desired goals
  • Being part of a small, connected network of Goal- Gettin’ Goal Diggers
  • Expanding your social network to include positive influencers who are encouraging and supportive of one another through their personal development journey
  • Gaining resources to help build a mindset that is conducive to recognizing and manifesting valuable opportunities in your life
  • Having an accountability partner for an additional level of support and celebration towards accomplishing your goals
  • Full access to bi-weekly webinars and step by step guidance to boost confidence and move past fear & frustration
  • #Squadgoal challenges that are assignments designed to help take every Goal- Gettin’ Goal Digger in our Empowerment Circle to the next level after each session


  • 4 one-on-one coaching calls tailored to your personal development or any other areas of concerns
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Interested in joining this transformation group program? Feel free to click the link below so we can chat briefly about the program. In order to create a more intimate group and due to the interactive component of this group program, seats are limited to the first 10 people who register and book before the program launches in October 2018!

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