Protecting Your Peace: Dealing with COVid-19


Whew! In a matter of a week, things have gone completely to the left to the left!

A lot has been going and I know it such a time of anxiety and uncertainty! So, because I am too feeling the effects of the anxious and frenzy energy that surrounds our nation and the world right now, I want to offer you guys some practical tips to help you stay centered, grounded, and supported during this time. While there is so much uncertainty out there, here are some things that we can control, and that is our mental and spiritual health in times like these. 

Turn Off the News. Now more than ever it’s so important to control your consumption of media. Yeah, I get it, its one of the ways to get news delivered to you, but in this case, watching and getting caught up in the hysteria is counterproductive to remaining calm and protecting your peace. Restrict screen time, limit your amount of social media, go on Pinterest and look up things that make you happy, joyful, and inspires you to be calm, not fearful.


Boost Your Immune System. Now is the best time to be proactive and boost your immune system with virus-fighting and herbal supplements. I recommend increasing your intake in vitamins such as Vitamin C (eat more citrus fruits) and Zinc. Also Tumeric and Oregano Oil. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system. Oregano oil is full of anti-bacterial and viral properties that ward off icky stuff. Ginger and garlic are known to help fight off infections, so if you feel like you may be coming down with something, go HAM on ginger and garlic! Stay away from sugar and eat less processed foods. Increase your intake of fruits and vegs. These are great ways and practical ways that we can help protect ourselves. When we protect ourselves, we protect our family, friends, co-workers, and our communities. 

person-holding-white-ceramic-mug-with-lemon-near-book-and-1065588.jpgMake Great Use of Downtime. If you are for any reason self-guaranteeing, or are working from home, or find yourself having extra “free time”, this is no better time to fully dive into yourself and your own personal development or spiritual development growth. Take the online course, or grow your skillset and complete things that you started, but never got around to finishing. Exercise outdoors, connect with mother nature and breathe in some fresh earthly air. Exercise is great for the immune system and we need our immune systems A-1 right now.


Self-Care on Overdrive. If you have an established self-care routine, I highly suggest you maintain it, especially if its practices that help to keep you calm and grounded (yoga, prayer, meditation, tai-chi, etc). Self-care doesn’t have to be regular monthly massages, but self-care includes getting adequate sleep/rest, drink more water, exercising (which is great for the immune system), watch and read things that are comforting, take a walk outside, journal your thoughts and ideas, stretch your body real good, listen to your favorite songs on repeat, etc. These are all some practical ways that we can care for ourselves in times like these. 


Bonus Support. An amazing tip that I picked up over the last few hectic days has been from Gabrielle Berstein and her advice is to “Do Nothing and Let the Universe Guide You”. I to get it, in this time, we feel like there is something that we should be doing “getting cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, gloves, toilet tissue, etc” and this energy leads to us feeling frantic and helpless if we fall short of gathering our supplies. While I will always advocate for us to be prepared as much as possible, there is a level of acceptability that we all need to have at this point. We have to accept things as they are now and deal with issues as they arise.  Just like you, I’m not always thrilled with how everything is in the world or in my immediate surroundings, yet it’s my work to accept what is, and what is not. More so now than ever, we need to have faith and trust in the infinite powers of the Universe. More so than ever, we need to be very guarded and intentional with our thoughts. Fear will always lead you down a path of uncertainty. Trust in what you know for sure. Things will work itself out and we can only hope and expect the best.

Three things that I know for sure though…

Hope will never be canceled

Self-Care will never be canceled

Dreams will never be canceled. 

Here are some affirmation to support you through this time

I am a magnet for health and good wellness

I love my body. It fights for me every day

Be well,

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